About Us

About Us

The following Laboratories provide their expertise and contribute to the activities of the Centre:

  • Cadastre (web link in greek)
  • Cartography
  • General Geodesy (web link in greek)
  • Geo-Informatics Center
  • Geography & Spatial Analysis (web link in greek)
  • Higher Geodesy (web link in greek)
  • Dionysos Satellite Observatory (web link in greek)
  • Photogrammetry (web link in greek)
  • Physical Geography & Environmental Impact (web link in greek)
  • Reclamation Works & Water Resources Management
  • Remote Sensing
  • Structural Mechanics & Technical Works
  • Trasportation Engineering


The Centre is governed by a Scientific Council which consists of the Chair and Vice Chair of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (SRSE), the Directors of the three Departments, one additional representative from each Department, the Scientific Director and the Deputy Scientific Director of the Centre. The term of office for the Scientific and Deputy Scientific Director is 3 years. The Council members serve one-year terms; however, their service may be extended under the decision of the General Assembly of SRSE. The Scientific Director is the Head of the Centre and during his service period, he cannot hold any other administrative office in the University (i.e. Rector, Chair, Director)

The Scientific Council meets once per month on a regular basis; extra meetings may be held under a request from the Scientific Director or the absolute majority of the Council members. The meetings provide opportunities for Council members to periodically evaluate and decide on the following issues:

  • Progress of current research projects and resources distribution
  • Annual review of projects and future
  • Annual budget
  • Five-year development strategy update


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